Connect with Patients

  • The human element of the patient relationship (where care and communication becomes personal) is critical in building perceived value and loyalty for the dental practice.
  • Crest® + Oral-B® can help dental teams understand how patients make decisions and provides support systems and structure for a team approach in standardizing and personalizing communication and home care.
  • Crest + Oral-B combines patient research with product innovation because we understand how proper communication and what patients do at home can enable successful outcomes.


Implementing step-by-step business systems in the dental practice is the best way to improve overall patient care and increase production. The P&G Oral Health Solutions program is a powerful addition to every dentist’s protocol that will benefit the oral health of every patient in the practice and the business health of the practice. Dr. Roger P. Levin, Chairman & CEO, Levin Group
Motivated clients lead to 90% appointment predictability